Thursday, January 15, 2009


Global Meltdown, Financial Crunch, Pink Slips on one side- Fear, anxiety, depression the Other side. This seems to be the order of the day. All of a sudden everybody seems to be getting extra religious and pious. Fear grips one and all- Fear for what is in store for us.But have we not called it onto ourselves?

What has led us to all these things like obesity, tension, stress, diabetes, frustration? Money Money Money! Looking back I think money, growth, rapid progress at a rapid pace is one thing to be blamed.

A decade plus back joint families, simple living, long walks, a steady 9 to5 job, outdoor Games, chats at the road side corner, coming back to steaming hot ‘Ghar ka Khana’ held value and gave true pleasure.

These were short lived with the doors opening to the west. We started aping the wrong things of the west and life styles changed.

Firstly joint families gave way to nuclear families- surely one must enjoy their independence! Earlier one or two members used to go out for work and to earn, but still people did manage although with a bitter pill. Of late every member wants to earn. Even a child just can’t wait to finish schooling to get into a BPO or some other job. Why? Money! Many working, but not enough money to satisfy the needs.

Contentment is the key word and that’s what is lacking. With the increase in the earnings the desires also increase. In short the root of all this depression, frustration is Desire. All of us are caught in this web. The vicious circle, the rat race from which it is a little too late to come out from. There is no time to stand and stare they say. True, we all are running all the time, no time for each other-be it parents, spouse, siblings, kids. What are we running for – Don’t know. It’s like the blind leading the blind – just doing what everyone is doing- Running to make money.

We did make money but with it came the fringes. Coffees at coffee day at Rs.60/-, Buffets, Gyms to exercise, Beauty Parlours, Birthday Bashes, Bars , Night Clubs and many more in the name of progress.

Earlier we may not have progressed to this extent but experienced real joy in the smallest of things. For example playing road side cricket, going for long walks with family and friends, eating fried - boiled groundnuts or corn which did not cost much kept us together and happy.

Today even for half a kilometer we need a vehicle. A child waits to finish secondary education more because he or she can demand a motor bike or car. Come on! He or She is getting into college! Now the meter starts ticking for the parents. Peer pressure you see. ‘Brand Nahi Toh Style Nahi’- Shoes, Shirts, Inners, Trousers, Watches, Spectacles the list is endless. Everything must be branded. Not surprising why every member in the household wants to work.

But why are we doing all this. Because we have to belong to this society. Have to be one up on our neighbours. Stiff competition you see.

What a sham! We all are living in a pseudo world. False nails, teeth, eyelashes, hair
We are living a false life. It’s the blind leading the blind. One buys a mobile everyone buys mobiles; one buys a house, the other has to prove he is not far behind so gets a loan and gets a biiiig house. One invests in shares everyone follows suit.

That’s the way of the world. Money! Will go to any extent to get it. Today every Tom Dick and Harry whether they had, did not have begged, borrowed to invest in all kinds-Real estate, insurance, mutual funds, farm houses, shares. Cant blame - every body wants to make it big in life. This is what is greed, amassing of wealth. Not living in the present but blaming the past, worrying about the future and ruining the present.

The bubble has finally burst. We cannot live in a state of denial. Time to come to terms with life and settle scores. We have all played the game – the game of life. Now it’s a question of survival, the survival of the fittest.

We are paying a heavy price for what we have done. Abused money, nature, friendship, relationships. We are being reminded that every high has a low.

Global meltdown, recession. No jobs, no money, cant pay interest forget the principle amounts. So many houses – no takers, so many malls – no footfalls, have the best of the mattresses and pillows but cannot sleep, big cars – no fuel. So much food in the offing- cant eat. Why? Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity. Ironic Isn’t it?

That’s life. We are all in a state of deep depression. How to overcome this? What’s going to happen? Don’t worry! Live for today, be happy. Wear a smile and put a smile on their faces.

Here are a few tips to stay calm.
Exercise/ Do yoga.
Catch up on reading and your hobbies.
Most importantly Pray! Because what will be will be.

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